Month: July 2018

Business LitigationBusiness Litigation

Business Litigation

Litigation can be very expensive for a business owner. Our goal at Fratus Brady is to solve your business issue as effectively and efficiently as possible by minimizing the time our client must spend away from his or her business and resolving the issue without the need for litigation. We appreciate, however, that there will be times when litigation is necessary and we will be ready. Our firm has extensive litigation experience in a wide variety of issues confronting both small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

The Annapolis business litigation attorneys at Fratus Brady, LLC, strive to provide quality counsel to our clients. We work to educate business owners on strategies to resolve disputes without going to trial or ways to avoid future disputes altogether by acting proactively in the present.

Typically, our business litigation cases center on some sort of contract dispute. These types of disputes can cover a wide array of issues, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Construction litigation
  • Mechanics liens
  • Non compete agreements
  • Non solicitation agreements

While this list reflects the most common types of business litigation we handle, we encourage you to contact our firm with questions relating to other areas. If our firm cannot directly help you, we will be happy to provide a list of trusted referrals.