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Product Defects

Product Defects

When a consumer purchases a product, it is done with the reasonable expectation that the product is safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you or a family member was injured while using a product, we encourage you to contact our firm to discuss the situation.

If you have suffered a product defect injury, the lawyers at Fratus Brady, LLC, will work quickly to notify the manufacturer, preserve the evidence and contact the right experts to assist in the investigation and documentation of your injuries. There is a certain set of experiences and skills needed in order to establish that a product was defective. Not every product is defective simply because it caused an injury.

Injuries caused by product defects can typically be traced to one of three areas:

    • Design defects: Most products go through a detailed design phase, where most errors, defects and potential hazards are corrected. Unfortunately, not all of the errors are caught before the product begins its manufacturing phase.
    • Manufacturing defects: Often, products will go through an intricate, multi-stage manufacturing process that varies greatly from product to product — the more complex the item, the more complex the process. It is not uncommon for products to move through with production errors or defects. Many times screws, staples or nails are left exposed and rough or sharp edges are not fixed before being packaged and shipped.

Product Defects

  • Documentation and packaging errors: Many times, product specifications are changed and the instructions or manual is not changed to reflect these alterations. Also, faulty or hazardous packaging can cause an injury as the consumer attempts to open the product.

Ultimately, it is not easy to prove that a product was defective and that a defect caused an injury. Our firm has developed a network of experts who can examine the product and compare its defects to your injuries. These relationships were largely built during our time handling product liability defense cases for manufacturers. This knowledge and experience puts us in a unique position to see your case objectively from both sides, and to develop a strategy for successfully resolving your case that is efficient and effective and that takes into account the strategy used by manufacturers to defend against defect claims.

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