Product Defects

Product Defects

When a consumer purchases a product, it is done with the reasonable expectation that the product is safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you or a family member was injured while using a product, we encourage you to contact our firm to discuss the situation.

If you have suffered a product defect injury, the lawyers at Fratus Brady, LLC, will work quickly to notify the manufacturer, preserve the evidence and contact the right experts to assist in the investigation and documentation of your injuries. There is a certain set of experiences and skills needed in order to establish that a product was defective. Not every product is defective simply because it caused an injury.

Injuries caused by product defects can typically be traced to one of three areas:

    • Design defects: Most products go through a detailed design phase, where most errors, defects and potential hazards are corrected. Unfortunately, not all of the errors are caught before the product begins its manufacturing phase.
    • Manufacturing defects: Often, products will go through an intricate, multi-stage manufacturing process that varies greatly from product to product — the more complex the item, the more complex the process. It is not uncommon for products to move through with production errors or defects. Many times screws, staples or nails are left exposed and rough or sharp edges are not fixed before being packaged and shipped.

Product Defects

  • Documentation and packaging errors: Many times, product specifications are changed and the instructions or manual is not changed to reflect these alterations. Also, faulty or hazardous packaging can cause an injury as the consumer attempts to open the product.

Ultimately, it is not easy to prove that a product was defective and that a defect caused an injury. Our firm has developed a network of experts who can examine the product and compare its defects to your injuries. These relationships were largely built during our time handling product liability defense cases for manufacturers. This knowledge and experience puts us in a unique position to see your case objectively from both sides, and to develop a strategy for successfully resolving your case that is efficient and effective and that takes into account the strategy used by manufacturers to defend against defect claims.

Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Litigation can be very expensive for a business owner. Our goal at Fratus Brady is to solve your business issue as effectively and efficiently as possible by minimizing the time our client must spend away from his or her business and resolving the issue without the need for litigation. We appreciate, however, that there will be times when litigation is necessary and we will be ready. Our firm has extensive litigation experience in a wide variety of issues confronting both small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

The Annapolis business litigation attorneys at Fratus Brady, LLC, strive to provide quality counsel to our clients. We work to educate business owners on strategies to resolve disputes without going to trial or ways to avoid future disputes altogether by acting proactively in the present.

Typically, our business litigation cases center on some sort of contract dispute. These types of disputes can cover a wide array of issues, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Construction litigation
  • Mechanics liens
  • Non compete agreements
  • Non solicitation agreements

While this list reflects the most common types of business litigation we handle, we encourage you to contact our firm with questions relating to other areas. If our firm cannot directly help you, we will be happy to provide a list of trusted referrals.

Auto and Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

If you or a family member were injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver, contact Fratus Brady for an immediate opportunity to discuss the situation with one of our attorneys. Most of your concerns will surround medical and financial issues, and an experienced lawyer at Fratus Brady can guide you through these problems.

Many factors can contribute to a motor vehicle accident, including:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while texting
  • Driving while talking on a cell phone
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failure to follow posted signs or traffic signals

Our firm handles car accident cases each year where individuals were injured while driving on the hectic and congested highways of our area including Route 50, Route 97 and Interstates 95, 495 and 695. If you or a family member has suffered a serious injury, contact our firm sooner rather than later. We will immediately begin investigation of the accident, dispatch expert investigators to the site as necessary, gather available information concerning the circumstances of the accident and start the process of gathering all medical documentation relating to your injuries. We will partner with experts in these fields to have a complete and exhaustive understanding of your accident so we can accurately determine if another driver is at fault and is responsible for your injury and damages. Our attorneys will communicate, on your behalf, with your insurance company and the other parties involved to ensure you are treated fairly and receive the full and fair compensation you are owed.

Commercial Vehicles and Semi Accidents

Truck Accidents

Drivers of commercial vehicles and semi trucks are normally required to be specifically trained and licensed to safely operate the commercial vehicles they drive but such training and license requirements cannot always prevent errors and mistakes that can lead to very serious accidents. Commercial drivers are sometimes pressured to meet strict deadlines, commonly required to haul dangerous cargo or drive themselves to the point of exhaustion. The sheer size and speed of the vehicles they are driving means that any accident they are involved in can cause significant injuries and devastating damages.

We work frequently with experts in this field to examine the truck, history of the driver, driving records of the company and any data recorded on the truck’s “black box”. If you have been injured in an accident involving a truck or other commercial vehicle, call us to discuss the situation. You can rely upon us to quickly and thoroughly investigate the accident and to aggressively pursue your claim for any damages and injuries you have suffered.